Thursday, April 16, 2009

She's Only Happy In The Sun


Heres a piece that I just couldnt stop working on...and I havent actually. I just wanted to post the first chunk of it here...Im excited about it, cuz I really love this song 'Shes only happy in the sun' by Ben Harper... though it takes the name from this song, this piece is actually based on two songs. The other would be by Jon Mayer "The Heart of Life" I've used quotes and inspiring images to create this one. The girl I drew is Britney- who would have ever imagined? :)

Please stay tuned-- I will go nuts with this piece. Im thinking of colouring it and doing a whole bunch to it. This, however, is the "clean ink outline sketch" :) Go check out these songs!


Prince Beverly said...

Absolutely amazing!

Bakkanekko said...

wow! this is so cool! i can imagine when this drawn on illustrator as a vector art <3