Saturday, May 02, 2009

Self Expression

Expressing myself is something I think I'm good at. I think I'm pretty good with words when I wanna be- when I have the time to sit down and write how I'm feeling- to express what it is I'm experiencing.

Sometimes, however, words are hardly enough. As an artist, I feel like the best way I can express myself is not by speaking words-- but by letting one feel the way I do. That way, they can relate. An emotion is something no one can express verbally. It's a feeling... and I let people feel that with my art. Hopefully.

I'm the model, photographer and editor of the photos in this update. I find it so fascinating how artists always capture themselves in ways no one else can- whether in painting, photography, design- or any other form of self expression.

I love being an artist.


cmykinky said...

stunning baby, absolutely stunning 7abibi

Anonymous said...

i like them a lot, mashallah. you look really tormented in that last one, is that the emotion you were trying to convey??

well done abby

mohammad alQaq said...

Bravo Abz, mashalla 3alaik, so beautiful work over here, way to go boy :))

Damion009 said...

LOL! getting your sexy on! awesome!