Friday, April 23, 2010

The Farm

The whole fairy-tale icons have been kinda put on hold for now... it's an antsy group of...millions out there. They always want something fresh and exciting. Farms are huge on Facebook-- so, we're doing a little bit of farming ourselves. Here's the "build it yourself" barn. (it comes in about 13 'pieces', some of them are put together below, making up the skeleton of the barn).

Lots of fun animal updates to come shortly... and I do mean lots! Hope you guys like this. :)

Just a preview of the sort of crazy animals on this farm-- more to come! :)


Francisco Martins said...

Hey Abouzzy! :)
Do we like it? we love it! :P
I would love to have one of these in my back yard!! hehe
Good work mister!
Potuguese hugs to u

Francisco Martins said...

PS: LOVEEEEE the pig with the chicken on top of his head!! and the other animals are amazing too! :)

The bart structure is perfect! So you do know how to build one eh? you're ready to come and bild me one in my backyard :P

Francisco Martins said...


Abz said...

Thanks dude.... Yes, I'll come over to portugal-- but I wont look at the beautiful scenery, or experience the delicious food...I'll just get started on your barn right away. That's always been a dream vacation/job for me.


TJ Lubrano said...

Whahahah now that is would be an interesting holiday! Instead of enjoying and walking around, you would be working in Francisco's yard hehe ^_^.

I love all the farm animals! The teeth of the donkey made me laugh! Please don't tell the donkey I laughed....

Damion009 said...

I think this is how magic was made!!! lol. I like it man!

Maria Palito said...

Really cool illuistration !! congratulations. I love the colors !!!