Sunday, May 11, 2008

Caricature of the day

Lindsay Lohan


Anonymous said...

I’m guessing thesedots on her nose are freckles?!!?
make sure you don’t draw mine like that! Plz!
-PS: she does look like her shway...-

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome Abz! still waiting on Bam and me haha :P

keep it up bud

V said...

Well, I did a search for Lohan caricature and this is the best.
(with the others not even close =P)

Do more Lohan please.

Unknown said...

hey do you sell pics????? i would love if you would draw one of me!!

Unknown said...

hey! great job! do you sell pics? i would love if you could draw one of me! let me know!:))