Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sneak Peek

Almost done my new illustration (above)... still exploring with new styles.
Another friend of mine kept begging me (literally) to do an
illustration of the celebrity above-- 5 months later-- I gave in.
The end result soon. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey man that's Christina Aguilera right?

SEILER said...

Hey man, thanks for your comment on my blog . . . I checked out your stuff, I dig the more lean computer look, looks great! I paint with photoshop.

Abz said...

Atieh, yea- it IS Christina. Wow, Im glad you could tell! :D I'll post the final soon!

Jason, thank you- I more than love your work, very talented. I'll keep checking your blog for more work! ;)

Anonymous said...

I spy w/ my lil eye, that it's X-Tina....

Keep it up, you'll be done in no time ;)