Monday, November 17, 2008

Hamley's Xmas Poster

Hamleys is one of my favorite clients-- actually, they are. I love their style- and my company is the only company outside of Europe to actually to work for them-- (Jordan is the only country in the Middle East that has a Hamely's store)... and in my company- I'm one of the very few illustrators who does a bunch of these things for Hamley's... if not the only one! :) What an honor! Here's my 2009 Christmas poster for Hamley's! HOW EXCITING! I loved working on this!

Close up:


Anonymous said...

this looks so eat! i love this kind of work for u... its a bit diff n unique! fabulous!

- Tink

Anonymous said...

i meant to type great...but i guess its obvious that im hungry!