Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wunderman: Where I work

Yes, yes... I know, I know-- I've been gone for quite a while... But I have a good reason. I work full time. :)

I havent updated ANY of my work since I've started working almost 4 months I've FINALLY gotten some time to update.

I work at an international company called

Wunderman is the largest global marketing services network in the world.[1] Their network currently comprises 15 companies and 130 offices across 55 countries.

With a rich heritage spanning more than 50 years, Wunderman is the original and most diverse marketing services network in the world. Our powerful creative campaigns reach customers wherever they are-online, on-the-move or in their homes or offices-and incite action, lifelong relationships and measurable business results.

Clients include AARP, Abbott Laboratories, Astra Zeneca, Bayer, Burger King, Citibank, Coca Cola, Dannon, Diageo, Ford, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa, Mazda, Microsoft, Nationwide, Natura, Nokia, Orange, Rogers, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Telefonica, Time Warner, Wyeth and X-Box.

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