Monday, March 16, 2009

'Inside' 117cm X 98cm Acrylic on Canvas

A painting I was working on for quite some time.. finally finished it- though I believe that no painting is ever really done. You gotta stop at some point- being an artists, you always want more... and sometimes, we dont know when to stop. At other times- you just know.
Heres a look inside my brain- my heart...and inside the world that I live in. Heres my you chose to read it, is up to you... but, unfortunately- there will only be one truth to this...and only I know what this piece fully means, represents and what emotions are being expressed. Cheers...

1 comment:

Will Appledorn said...

really cool piece. great graphic approach.

and you speak the truth about art never being done, i struggle to find the place to stop.