Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Finally! Done!!! I named him Pierce. This was quite fun to paint...though it did take me quite a while (I did take about 10 days off from working on it.) I originally wanted to paint a foresty/mountain background, as you can see below from the initial sketches, however, I thought the simple textured background would be a bit more suitable for this style..for now anyway.

I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out- though I still didn't nail it 100% in my opinion. Practice makes perfect, so I'm not too upset. Soon enough, I'll make a new one! :)

The hardest part was actually his shirt. Everything else was quite simple, though it all took some layering and texturing...shading and what not. Anyways- here he is...Pierce.

The close ups:Let me know what you think! :) Comments, suggestions, and ideas for a next painting are more than welcome! I'd love get some fresh input!



TTL said...

Man I've said it before - "THE BEST" Paint & Texturing Artist I have EVER seen!




Francisco Martins said...

I think that it really turned out great! I like the color and texture of the background, and I think that his expression is very cool. I know I said this before, but I love the way you painted his eyes! Great job dude!

Anonymous said...

i wonder why his name is Pierce?? could it be cause of his piercing blue eyes ;) lol

anyways its amazing like always...heres a suggestion for next time...paint my b/f lol kidding


Anonymous said...

abzy wabzy...what can i say hhmmm, how about amazingly talented..

U said his shirt took up most of the work - i love the shading and texture. U know me, texture shading art kinda person... I love it!

Keep your paintings coming..


Natalie. said...

Abz! Since we were in AHSS & I saw you painting on walls & doing The Magazine. & until now, you never disappoint me, your talent is phenomenal. I actually showed my mom & she was like, "Oh wow- mashallah he did that?!" Basically she was shocked.

As for the painting, I love the colors you chose, they blend awesomely & the shading details did a whole other effect which is again, amazing. For your first pieces on "Males," you did awesome!! & I know you'll get even better with masculine features the more you practice! Keep it up! :]

Unknown said...

THanks for visiting my blog. Beautiful painting. Love the details in the eyes!!

Gabriele Antonini said...

Wow! You did a beautiful coloring. Hair are so real. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog again man.
This turned out fantastic!!!
My only very slight crit and it is a small one is the shirt collar doesnt quite live upto the quality of teh head and the 2 converging highlighted areas on the right of the collar kind of draw the eye there and bring it forward a little too much, but like I said its a very small point.
The textures and colours in the hair are incredible.
Sam Sellers looking good too, keep it up.

Abz said...

Gorillustrator, you're absolutely right. I did have a hard time with the shirt in general..and the collar does look a bit odd. I'll have to do more practicing! :P Thanks for stopin by!