Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I decided these little guys will be a set-- you saw the little red head boy, and the other lady I did. I really enjoy it. I'll keep them coming for sure..took me a short while to do this. Hopefully many more to come...soon! :D

Any suggestions for the next one? Boy, girl, man, woman? Which ethnicity? Ideas are more than welcome!! :) I will even let you name them! hehe... let me know! All Ideas considered!


Unknown said...

Heya dude!
I know I told you this already, but one can never say it too much...this one is AMAZING. This series are awesome. I went through all your stuff, and I think that so far, this 3 pieces are your best (in my humble opinion of course).

Next' I would like to se an Indian (from India, or native American/Brazilian indian) or Japanese girl (you know...those Japanese "dols", with lots of make up, vibrant cloth colors and funny hairdos?)

Can't wait to see the next one!


Anonymous said...

i've never seen this style from you before..but i love it, i think you should continue to paint more realistic paintings....

i love how ive been able to see the evolution of abby;) you will be famous one day my dear~

Anonymous said...

by realistic i mean non-cartooni...and not about this one, this one is perfect the way it is..jamila really is jamila:)

Damion009 said...