Monday, December 28, 2009


Yup, as promised, here's the other painting I just finished yesterday. I had some time off for the holidays, and got right into it- and got it done! Its crazy how fast one can finish work when they're so inspired, or when you've got a lot of 'creative energy' to release. Don't you agree?

I realize its very close to the previous piece-in likeness- which is kinda intended, and not at the same time. I wanted the same style for both since I'm doing a mini "collection"...with limited colours, and what not, also they're pretty much the same mood\feel\inspiration-- so, go figure. Anyways, more to come in the following week hopefully... I've got this huge white canvas waiting at home. Black and white, or should I do a little colour this time?

Happy 2010!

P.S Which do you prefer "Seasonal Sighs" or this one, "Ache"? ...and out of curiosity, Why? :)


cmykinky said...

i like it. I love pattern/prints abstract art.. very pretty abzy:)

Francisco Martins said...

Hi Hakim.
I'm really loving this series...both pieces are incredibly spontaneous and so filled with emotion... Genuine.They are both very powerful and mesmerizing to look at. I kind of feel hypnotized by the motives.
As I told you before, when looking at them it’s like an overwhelming torrent of messy feelings that i can’t explain takes over me. I feel all sorts of things at the same time.
I really love them, and i had a hard time picking one, but i think i prefer “Ache”. Can’t really explain why. I think that these pieces are meant to feel, not to understand or rationalize. So...i can only tell you what i feel. I woudn’t know how to explain the reason i’m “choosing” this one.
Anyways...they would look stunning on your wall.
Congratulations once again for this truly amazing work. I love it.

Francisco Martins said...

PS: I love this style in B/W. I would like to see a few more of these pieces in B/W, but i'm corious to see what are you gunna come up with if using color. That's really up to you and what you are feeling at the moment.

TJ Lubrano said...

Hey Abz! Awesome awesome work again! Hmm I can't really pinpoint one I like the best though. I like both of them for the detailing and the emotions you captured on canvas. Seasonal sighs has more of these softer strokes and Ache is more precise and has more of these tiny details. Hehe it's kinda difficult to explain. Like Francisco said;

"Can’t really explain why. I think that these pieces are meant to feel, not to understand or rationalize."

I couldn't have said it better! As for the coloring. I really like black and white. But if it was up to me, I would go for the warm earthy colors, like warm orange/red/yellow. Just like the one you did in your previous post. Maybe I would add a splash of a cooler tone, like blue/green, maybe even a purple. It depends what suits the painting. But you're good in both of them! So just follow your feelings and create a colored one if you feel like it! If it has to be a black/white one, just use those colors ^_^!! Happy painting and have Happy 2010!!

Christina Dee said...

Awesome painting! Paintings actually. I like them both a lot. I think I prefer "Seasonal Sighs" a bit more because I like the brushstrokes you used. Really love that pink and black one too!

Hope you have a great 2010 :)

Jason Curtis said...

Loving this black & white work Abz! Keep it coming.

I can't really decide on which piece I prefer. For me, each of them grabbed (and held) my attention equally. Both are so interesting and well done.

So, I like 'em both!

Best wishes for 2010.