Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Zade: Logo Revealed

It's my honour to have my work associated with Zade, and his organization.

In 2007, I was personally asked to design the logo for "The Zade Foundation for international peace and understanding". Zade himself saw my work, and generously asked me to design the new logo. Out of words, I was beyond flattered, and started right away.

I stand behind the message, and this wonderful organization. I'm all for peace, in all its forms, in all the ways we can reach it. Music is truly a universal language, and that too is inspiring.

I have never worked on a project I am more "goose-bumped" by, that stands so strong, and has such a powerful me personally, and to everyone on this Earth who's heart beats the same beat, and searches for peace in midst of all that goes on daily.

I am proud to present the new logo (the bird/music note icon above (and below on the left) is what I designed), which can be seen on Zade's official site:

A look back to my thinking process, sketches, and how this all came about:

Please, have a look at his wonderful site, work, and get a chance to listen to some of his very inspiring work.

Peace, indeed.


seeba said...


Francisco Martins said...

Ohhhh My GOD! This is so awesomeee!!! you enver told me this! I'm so proud of you dudee!!:D
This project is so YOU! :)

The logo is really beautiful! I looked at the process and it's really a great concept. This is BIG Hakim!!
Abzyyy for PRESIDENT!
Proud of ya! :D :)

Francisco Martins said...

(Never told me this*)'s the excitment!! ha ha ha

Pablo said...

Great Logo Abz and what could not ask for a better organization to do it for. Kudos buddy it's well deserved.

TJ Lubrano said...

Indeed an amazing logo Abz! Congrats ^_^!!

So when will the header change hehe?

Justin Rodrigues said...

the logo is great. Kudos man!

Jason Curtis said...

I agree with everyone above...that's a really fantastic logo.

Well done.

It's certainly nice to be able to do work for an organization that you truly believe in. It just makes the entire process that much more rewarding.

Mónica said...

Beautiful work, congrats!

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

That logo is AWESOME. Congrats for SURE!

Unknown said...

Nice work mate!

michael robertson said...

nice job! really shows how versatile you are as an artist. I enjoyed looking at your concepts too- excellent work.

Bidoon Sukkar said...