Monday, June 28, 2010

When you think about it...

A picture I captured of water in a kitchen sink. Beautiful...but who would have thought it? Not everything is at it seems. Don't you agree? Sometimes you have to slow things down, and really take a good look at what you're dealing with. Everything has a story, a purpose, and a reason to make you look twice, and question.

Everything has a reason to reacting a certain way to specific things. The way things react the way they do shows a lot; and determines a lot.

Stop and take a look, and you'll learn that it, like you, is only doing what it naturally does-- what its instinct tells it to. Thus, why judge?

Sometimes it's just an answer.

Not all questions are answered. Maybe not all things should be questioned.

Maybe we're not meant to over analyze everything; maybe we should take things for what they are, without questioning, or wondering about what is, and what could be, what ifs and what should be. Maybe you just have to let nature take it course, and unfold for you to see and understand...on its own time. Not yours.

In a photograph, in person, in a dream, a song, a painting, a recipe, a note, an action, or which ever way it best suits your reach.

And you thought it was just a photograph of water... ;)

My ramblings come from me over thinking about certain things, people, in particular. You will never find someone that you understand 100%. We're all beings. We're all different, unique...finger prints with legs. (get it?) We expect people to treat us the way we're used to, or ways we expect. Not everyone shows themselves or responds to life in the same way you do. (Isn't that what makes life special, and exciting?)
Doesn't mean they think differently than you do- they just express it in ways you may not understand.

Give two boys a black marker, and they will both draw different pictures. We're free to express ourselves in our own ways; we should respect that others have that freedom as well.

It can hurt to see someone not respond in ways were familiar and comfortable with; however, we must acknowledge that like water, everyone bends the way they do for a reason. Their history, their secrets, their pasts, presents, dreams, and experiences. Their hopes, their expectations, and their flaws. The best thing one can do is be accepting of change and the unknown.

Question if you will, ask if you may. But be prepared to hear whatever the answer may be... sometimes silence is the answer we fear most, and sometimes it could be the comfort we're looking for.

You're the only person you'll ever be. This is the life you've been given. Worry not about the little things. You're older than you were yesterday. The clock wont stop, and every minute wasted is a minute you cannot take back or change. Live for all you've got- for all you believe in; for all you dream of and aspire. You're beautiful-- show the world, and don't hold back from being yourself. You were made the way you were for a greater reason.

Not everyone will treat you the way you expect to be treated. The way you should be treated. The way you long to be treated. Screw them! There are a wide variety of people, all there to unveil to you a little bit of the puzzle. Your puzzle. Take it, and grow. Don't let them stop you in your glorious ways, discourage, disappoint, or upset you. If they turn you away, they don't understand you, and will never appreciate what incredible things you have to offer.

Hold your head up high, and believe. You'll one day find what you're seeking.

Shine like the unique snowflake that longs for a moment of glory. Sparkle like the ocean, free and open. Dance like the stars in the eyes of an angel.

You may not have control over others and the way they react, think, or be...but you have the power to express yourself, and live your life the way you've always longed for.

You have no idea how many people find you beautiful. You don't realize how many people you can inspire just by being yourself. The world loves you.

Peace, to all those who seek it.


Pablo said...

Great Post Abz. Never really thought about stuff like that until your very insightful words. Now I have a different view on things that I never would have thought of a second time around. Great post. Fantastic Photo.

Damion009 said...

well I know one thing. I would love to draw the picture. lol. great post man!

bee said...

Abz we definitely share the same philosophies! You have pretty-much summed up the way I look at life :) Beautiful words and a beautiful photo. Thanks Abz - you rock, my friend!

Lee said...

Wow Abz, super post. Really got me going! Keep up the super work

Dawn said...

First of all, that photo is phenomenal!! I could look at it all day! Secondly, your words are beautiful and I love how you look at things. You ever thought of becoming a motivational speaker? Awesome post :D

Francisco Martins said...

In my life i had to deal with difference since like... forever. And the one thing that I've learned - and probably the most important - is that there's no point in trying to deny who or what you are. You can try to run from that, but wherever you go it will chase you, hunt you dow, torment you in every possible way. Knowing and accepting who you are and make peace with it is crucial to maintain your mental sanity and to keep the ability to see things clear in our life, allowing you to make the right choices.
Living in fear of what others mat think of you is a prison, and in the end is not a very smart attitude. Another thing that I've learned is that when you don't fit in the stereotyped social role that everybody expects you to play, you soon discover that is much easier to tell who your real friends are. Most people tend to disappear from your life when they thing you're not like everyone else - they suddenly trap you in a little box with a label that says WEIRD. Only the really special ones stick around to find out for them selves if there's more to you than what it seems. From that point of view, being different is a blessing cause you get to know truly amazing people.
Difference can sometimes make you suffer a lot, but suffering can also teach you valuable lessons, and turn you in to a kinder, merciful, selfless person by being more open to other people's problems and by acknowledging the fact that everybody suffers in a way or another.
For some life is easier than others... that's just the way it works and there's no point in holding grudges about that, you just need to find the strength to keep struggling. Sometimes it may be hard to accept the burden that has been given to you and choosing an easier path can e tempting, but being a religious person, I believe that there's a purpose for everything hat happens to you, so in vi vision of things - in the end it's all about having the heart to make the ultimate choice. Even if it is the hardest one.

I truly hope that you find your way Abzy.
You know... sometimes you think that you hart has already turned into stone and that there's no emotions left in you, but then life snicks on you again and the simplest thing can amaze you in such a way and make you cry like a baby.

I don't now if i sent you the link, but I saw this in a blog the other that and i totally loved it. I brought tears to my eyes:

"It will be hellish. It will be painful. It will make you cry. It will frustrate the bejesus out of you. it will seem unending. It will drive you mad. It will give you restless nights. It will seem hopeless. It wll be complicates. It will be completely terrifying.


Andre Jordan:

I love the photo by the way!

PS: I've lost count of the times that i asked you to tell me every time that you update your blog. You didn't. AGAIN. it's getting kind of annoying ...I wont ask you again.

Abz said...

Thanks for the kind words people! ;)

Its amazing how everyone takes my little bit of writing and decodes it as their own, to fit their lives and make meaning of it in their own ways. :)

Fransico, relax, will ya- I wasnt online to send you the "check for updates" msg. :)

lincoln said...

A wise person once said..."if you stand for anything—you'll fall for everything".

I think discernment, peace and love (not the hippie version or the greeting card version) is key to navigating all of life.

Love in particular, love that is sacrificial and seeks to serve and take care of others best interests first is what will allow a change in our perspective and peace to finally come to this world.

Imagine if every one of us could defy human nature and love others, even our enemies, more than ourselves....

Everyone on planet earth looking out for their neighbor before themselves...

I feel like I've really missed out on a lot of life by not living like this daily...

Abz said...

Lincoln: I dont wanna sound like one of those people who thinks they know what theyre talking about-- but I do know this... it's never too late to start. As long as you've realize what it is you want, or how to live- then starting right now would be just as effective. :) Thanks for visiting!

lincoln said...

I start every day at a time. And I have many times had the opportunity to serve others first ( I'm a parent, so by definition...). and I've also been able to serve others regularly. But that doesn't mean me, you and everyone else couldn't do more.

And I think more than going out of our way to love others sacrificially it needs to become part of our way of life. The hard truth for all of us is that it is very, very hard to really out others first. Especially our enemies. It takes more than just embracing a philosophy.

Fortunately, I'm learning everyday how love authentically and God willing, will have many long years to keep learning and giving...

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful pic and a beautiful almost made me cry SERIOUSLY!!!! kinda creepy though cause stuff happened last night and then i was all like "i havent gone on abz' blog in a while...whats going on there" and long and behold i see this so its totally relatable

anywhos LOVE the pic