Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Working with KWAK & Pepsi

Hey guys! Hope you all had safe and happy holidays!!

As you may know, I've been working with this new company, (Kidz with a kause) as a free lance artist.

Were in a contest that is being sponsored by Pepsi! If we win- we get $100,000 to officially launch start this company, and Pepsi will fund it all. Also, I get a full time job linked with Pepsi, and other great names in the industry. It's HUGE! anddddd... I could really use this kick in my career! So here's what we need to do. ;)

Click here and 'vote for this idea':

We can vote once a day till the 28th of Feb. Once a day from a new IP address, which means once a day from any device; (so if you have a cell phone, you could vote from that, as well as your computer..etc.)  It will take less than a minute to set up an account, and I would greatly appreciate the support!

Tell your friends please... twitter/ facebook etc. If you could also favorite or bookmark the voting page, so you visit it once a day and vote, that would lovely! ;)

I need all the help I could get! Thanks a lot!! :)


Katie said...

Best of luck to you! Love the illo.

Phil Toodle said...

Consider it done!

Jason Dove said...

Looks good Abz! Best of luck to you!

lincoln said...

Wonderful shapes! You've really mastered the ability to translate you style into both illustration and graphic design!

Brad said...

good luck abz! you have been posting some really great work!

happy new year!

bee said...

I just voted for you Abz! Fab idea, I hope you get the grant, I'll keep voting and I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya :D Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Unknown said...

Best of luck to you ABZ!

Unknown said...

Beautiful art ! Will follow you :D