Monday, June 22, 2009

Sketches, Babes, and Skadoodles!

It's been a while since I've last uploaded...and I've really been wanting to just-- get a bunch of my sketches together and upload a big "sketches" update. I thought, no better time than now. So what did I do (or have been doing since 3 pm)...I got a bunch of my sketches, [from work...on card paper... on briefs...(I pretty much draw on anything I could get my fingers on)] and snapped a few pictures (scanning takes a LONG, mines broken) and was ready for uploading!

Here's a small collection of my sketches...some old, some as new as last night- and some I didn't even wanna post- but I thought..heck, they're sketches! Who cares what they look like... so voila! I give you (mostly babes) an inside look on what goes on in my head! :) Enjoy

p.s SKETCHES! These are all incomplete pieces!!


Anonymous said...

about time, u did some sketches,
though I've yet to see one of me :P

P.S. Moar ladies!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Really awesome sketches!!!

Prince Beverly said...

That is absolutely amazing! You're amazing!

Carl Knox said...

hey abz!

great blog you've got!... i those these sketches... so gestural and loose yet you get everything you need in there.

I've added you to my RSS so I look forward to updates!

Lady P said...

my fav of these - the freckle faced guy
really good

Jason Curtis said...

Holy crap cakes...these sketches are incredible!

I'm jealous of your talent!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments, I really appreciate it.

Now that I've discovered your blog, I'll be sure to visit on a regular basis. Great stuff here!