Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random work I"ve designed...

Orange Bit Stream User Guide option
Cozmos Fruits and Veggies recipes. Front and Back cover. :)
JCTI's Logo picth ideas and branding materials:

A new Orange magazine that Im fully designing for now...this is my pitch idea as to what the contents will look like, etc. The style and feel, if you will. Keep in mind, it must follow the Orange brand guidelines, so I had a limit as to how crazy and designy I could make it...
Royal Jordanian Airlines Posters informing the public about their new Crown Class

1 comment:

cmykinky said...

I can't believe you did shit for Nabil, that's fucking hilarious!

"ana 7ibo cheekeen nagget min nabil!" "il 3ilbeh lonha assfar! la2 la2! shwayet assfar! taybeh taybeh taybeh min nabil!"

i'm such a loser.