Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Design Work

More Hamleys! This I just did yesterday for their Lego Showtime event... had so little time to do it, but I like. The characters are pre-drawn.

Fann Fm has this logo thats a twirley and funky. Each month they get us (the designers from wunderman) to design their logo in a cool photoshop manipulation way to suit whatever the months season is. I'm now the one doing all these fun Fann Fm projects, and I'm reallyyyy enjoying it. The one below has yet to come out- its for Easter! So yea, hence the whole...spring thing goin on.

More from Fine, and more Easter stuff too! Design I did for Easter tissue boxes...but they didnt like them. So, whatever.

More from Nabil! Here are the 50/20/10
gift voucher fors Special Deliveries...

Sage, a new hip loung /bar hang out place has opened recently-- and this was
the menu I designed for their special Christmas day event. Notice how the "snowflakes" are made from their logo ;)!

Microsoft's Ramadan Email shot greeting.

1 comment:

cmykinky said...

I absolutely love love love that grassy easter poster you did. Really, i think one of your best.

pff, and you say you have no "amazing"' photoshopping skills. bitch please! Who you trying to kid?!