Thursday, June 10, 2010


Stacy: A hard working business major graduate with dreams of changing the world after running for president, and inventing the next big thing.

Okay, no. She just likes modelling exotically for no-name-modeling "agencies". She actually has no IQ, and enjoys cracking sand between her teeth. (She insists it gives her a rush....)

She truly believes she's Brad pitts daughter, and constantly brags about being in the movie Titanic. (She was never in it, bitch has lying issues.)

Lastly, (cuz there isnt much to her, really) Stacy tends to go grocery shopping with full make up on, bragging to other shoppers how she JUST woke up, and decided to shop for the needy, and that she can pose for a picture with them if they'd like.

She was born in the Atlantic Ocean after her mother prematurely yanked her out due to not fitting into her wedding dress.

Great family.

She's on the cover of next months Vogue.


Francisco Martins said...

LOL her mother yanked her out? just sweet! :P

Well, you know what they say...the looks hardly comes with the brains in the same package! :D
ha ha ha

Francisco Martins said...

she looks good on vogue's cover though... :P

Abz said...

She's only 12.

Francisco Martins said...

yeah right! with thos boobs? no way!
(don't u dare telling me that's she has 12 dogs - lol)

Jason James Curtis said...

Great illustration my friend, and the detailed description is hilarious.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Dude, Abz, you have been busy. I'm loving these quick girl sketches with elaborate descriptions! It's always nice to see you switching things up. Very neat concept.

bee said...

Hahah! Between Stacy and the ...errmm... 'ladies' below I laughed SO hard. Abz - these character sketches are just the BEST. I really think you should bind them into a book. BEST SELLER! Pleaseeee do it :)

Lee said...

I like Stacy!

Dawn said...

HAHAHAHAH!! Best back story ever. Stacy's mom is hard core! Awesome artwork!

andres casciani said...

very good lines!!!nice story also

Jo Potter said...

Hi Abz,

I like your illustration characters.
They are very cool sassy women!:)
Good to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog.

All the best.
Jo May.

P.S. I will follow you if you want to follow me!:)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh my goodness how wonderful. Great illustration.

Julissa Mora said...

LOL! This is great!!!
Btw, thank for the comments on my blog ;)

Jason Dove said...

Abz, cool design buddy! I love the styling of Stacy!

Rico said...

Loved the Vogue cover.