Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You asked for it... (Really fast doodles)

Jacob: (born with the name Lillianna Stenfield, Jacob decided she wanted to stand out.) Ironically, she didn't realize she always would- regardless her name. No one knows the real colour of her hair, and no ones knows whats with her skin colour. (It's also real leathery)
She's been awake for 42 months, and counting.

Her fingers are always between her moist toes; seems to enjoy having a taste, then giggles to herself (while thinking she's awesome.)

One time, a little boy woke up to her stealing his tooth from under his pillow.
She panicked and nervously did the 'Macarenna'.

She swears she gave birth to 3 cats.


Francisco Martins said...

dude...2 words for u...MENTAL INSTITUTION!lol :P

I think that Jaslinn should focus more on her personanity because she's SO UGLY!!

Please ask Maria the name of her plastic surgeon for me :P

Jacob: Get him/her an exorcist...that skin colour is not natural - somebody used a voodoo craft on her - it's really obvious. I bet ther's a bunch of starving frogs on her back yard!

Love them all :D

Carl Knox said...

bwahahahhahahahhahahaha. :D

Dawn said...

I love them! Their back stories are hysterical!

Jason Crawford said...

Hehe...loving it...Jacob and the freaky eyes.
Loving the little bio's too, nice touch.
You doing these up traditionally or on computer?
Cheers Abz, thanks for share.

Tiiina said...